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How to Generate the Music You Desire with Suno AI Metatags?

Suno AI is a fascinating AI music generator that allows us to create music in just 30 seconds. However, understanding how to steer it towards your desired outcome is crucial.

In this blog post, I’ll guide you on how to utilize this tool to craft the music of your dreams.

Within Suno AI, each song generation caps at two minutes, a limitation that also presents an opportunity. This means you can produce different segments of the same song, employing the same lyrics with varied melodies, or similar melodies with different lyrics, all based on your prompts.

When composing, you can opt to use only musical prompts under ‘Style of Music’ for song generation, or combine lyrics with “musical prompts”.

For more nuanced control, relying solely on “musical prompts” is insufficient due to their strict length limit of around 100 characters. By using a combination of ‘Style of Music’+lyrics+Metatags, we can undertake our own DIY song crafting.

What are Metatags?

Metatags are keywords you insert within brackets [ ] in your lyrics, related to musical aspects like Artist, Genre, or lyrical elements such as Verse, Chorus, or even the desired singer's gender, etc. Common Metatags include [Intro], [Verse], [Pre-Chorus], [Chorus], [Bridge], [Outro].

Want more metatags to use? Here's a collection of them: Metatags for suno ai

Of course, for aspects you wish to emphasize, you can also include these in the ‘Style of Music’.

Using Suno Ai Metatags to Shape Your Song’s Expression.

When generating multiple music segments, if you wish to maintain melodic consistency, keep your Metatags consistent. This does not guarantee complete uniformity or effectiveness; multiple trials may be necessary. Similarly, for the same lyrics but different melodies, adjust your Metatags.

What Constitutes a Good Lyric Structure?

Here, I recommend using your own lyrics for generation instead of relying on Suno’s random lyric generator, as this allows you to control your song's rhythm.

You can communicate to GPT your desired rhythm and lyric structure, or other specifics, such as well-wishes for someone. You can use the Suno Lyrics Generator here to quickly craft your lyrics.

Avoid using too many lyrics in one generation, especially when you have specific requirements for the song’s content. Two to three sections should suffice, then split these into multiple clips for generation.

These guidelines are not absolute but represent directions worth exploring to more swiftly adjust and create the music you want. I recommend trying multiple approaches to generate your desired music.

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